KOMBINAT garage kits

It’s cool to join the community of likeminded individuals :slight_smile:

First thing I’d like to share.
These are the 5DR “Rescue labor” mech with a mechanic, and a MILVUS-62 drone with an operator mini. Both on display with dioramas during the miniature paint festival in Warsaw this weekend.

All of them are garage kits in 1/35 scale. The 5DR is 20 cm tall and admittable it is just shaded/highlighted with no complex paint for now. Compared to that, the drone is completely painted and weathered and atypically floating on a single cable.

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Welcome! Nicely done models. A question - is Kombinat still a term used in Poland? is it the name of the model company?
Reminds me VEB Plasticart out of East Berlin. Many East German concerns back then were Kobinats.

Thanks 19bravo :slight_smile:
Kombinat in terms of the Combine (enterprise) - Wikipedia I think. The origin of the term is actually from Germany. So IMHO there’s also some Maschinen Kreieger vibes :laughing:.

It was used in many Central and Eastern European countries. Kombinats can be currently mostly spotted as used in a nostalgic manner and alike, not as some term frequently used or special term in law anymore. However if we think twice, similar entities exist. Typical corporation or multibranch firm or cooperative, all of them can be also called Kombinats. And chaebols…

I trust that in modelism one can also find some aspects for Kombinat.

Best regards!

Impressive kits. The top one looks very striking… I take it these are actual models and not scratch builds ?
And of course Jared, welcome to the network…

Yes, these are kits with decals, and a handful of pages of assembly manual. The 5DR has photoetched parts as well, and two build variants (above is build the difficult one with all the actuators visible).

Google “galaxykits rescue labor” for a detailed independent inbox review (English autotranslation).

It’s very nice to hear you liked it!


Very nicely done.

Kombinat Garage Kits

I’m not affiliated with them, but the 1/35 Drone Controller might be very useful to many Sci-Fi modelers. Just change out the pistol to a newer one and perhaps add a more modern helmet head from your spares box.

Note that prices are dependent on size of the finished kit.

Thanks Trisaw! You meant the Drone Operator.

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