Kontact 1 on Leopard 2A4?

Hello fellas, I watched a YouTube video on the “Crux” channel regarding increasing the protection for Ukrainian Leopard 2’s. A nice history of Soviet reactive armor is presented.

There is only a brief image of what appears to be a Leopard 2A4 with reactive armor on the glacis and framework for mounting more in the left turret face.

It looks like an interesting and pretty easy modeling project to me. What do yous guys think?


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I would expect to see more pics of that very soon even with others. even in the video game world, which has seen its fair share of leaked documents on secret parts of tanks, the right front lower corner is the known spot for the A4.

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I think it could be a fun combo, but I can only fear how much uglier the blocks will make the 2A4.

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got a link to that video?

Hello Bear,

I saw a photo of a Leopard this week with full ERA. Whilst it was unique, I thought it was seriously ugly, too.

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