Korean War Churchill Crocodile

I managed to finally find the kit at a reasonable price. So far so good, but I could use several more items:

  1. Korean War markings
  2. The right figures for the era
  3. The right external stowage. The tanks were not used for flaming, and I did see pictures of them having a bunch of junk thrown on top of the trailer.

Hi Tom

These may be of interest:

For 1949 BD:

You could probably use ww2 issue battle dress with some small modifications if you prefer.
You may get away with some in the pixie suit as that was the standard over suit all through the 50’s, although the few pics of Crocodiles in Korea are not ‘in action’ so if any used the Pixie suit, I can’t say for sure. Some pics:

PS. The Churchill Crocodiles in Korea did not use the trailers.

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I did see one with a trailer, but the trailer was not used for its original purpose but simply as a platform for piling junk on it.