Korean War M4A3E8

This is the Tamiya kit OOB with Value Gear stowage. It was preshaded using a variation of the B&W technique. Preshade and OD base coat are Tamiya acrylics applied with an AZTEK AB.

Thanks for looking.


Is the front hull design masked or a decal? Looks really interesting

Tamiya gives you the recipe for the red paint color. The eyes, etc. are decals.

Neat I like it, adds some interesting variation to the model.

Looks really good overall

Thanks. I chose it because it was eye-catching.

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Great job!

I love these Korean War tanks with the faces on them. They are so visually interesting. I have this one in the stash and I have completed a M-46 with the tiger markings. Now I am just trying to source a Chaffee with the face markings.

Yeah there are a few different versions with different cats. I have am AM decal set, Star I believe, that I plan on doing. Actually would like to do a collection with all the available decal options that re currently available.

Nice “Rice’s Red Devils” tank. Great job on it.

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Great job!

beatiful interpretation.
in this tank rear mudguards were missing?

Thanks. Honestly don’t remember I just liked the look without the mudguards so went with it.

Another beauty

lovely finish on the Sherman. The front is weathered just right and looks great toned down like you have done :+1:

My compliments on an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Sherman! I did one in 1/72 years ago -

…but I like the color balance on yours better; nice and subtle. Gotta love those Korean War cat-faced tanks!


Thanks. Yours is very nice. :+1: :+1: Would not have guessed 1/72 from the photo. I like them because they they are colorful and something different. I also did the Takom Pershing with the tiger stripes.

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very nice!