Kotare 1/32nd Spitfire

Here is the new kit finished. The subject was P9495 from 610 Squadron photographed on June 26, 1940. The plane would be lost on August 12th after it returned to base badly damaged.

The new Kotare kit is very nicely done but has no engine or open gun bays. The cockpit does have some control line rigging. The instructions are much like those found in WNW kits.

The two figures are from Wings Cockpit and Ultracast.



Fantastic looking plane and great scene going back to their finest hour … :+1::+1:

Great job! Instrument panel looks amazing. I’ve got one but probably won’t be building it for a little while. Any tips or things to look out for? Did you use any aftermarket? Cheers / Ian

Looks great.

IMO, aircraft models always look better when posed with the flight controls deflected.

I have this kit as well…looking forward to getting into it.

The only aftermaket I used was a set of Eduard seat belts. There is one seat in the kit with the seatbelts molded on it if you don’t want to do others.

I found no major problems in the basic kit. I would plan on doing decals carefully because there are a LOT of small things.

The elevators and rudder are designed to be in the position I used. The ailerons can be positioned as you want.

FYI, I used children’s modeling clay as the mask for the upper camouflage. Just don’t press it down hard.



Thanks. Good advice / Ian