Kotare Models Spitfire Mk1 on pre-order now

Just up for pre-order at the moment, maybe the finest Spit kit to date.



Guess I’m the only one a little excited by this news. LOL

At $109 its hard to get EXCITED.

If Kotare replicate the WNW quality with this release and maybe follow on with a new Hawker Typhoon, I may just have to change scales from 1/24 to 1/32… :thinking:

I call it over priced for even a spitfire! Price maybe fine, but it’s from a start up concern and who knows what your getting

These are the same guys who operated Wingnut Wings models for Peter Jackson, so should be up there with the best :crossed_fingers:

Wing Nuts were great kits but not twice as good as some of the others. Border went and tweaked the Lancaster almost as soon as they did their first test shot. Is the new Spitfire going to be four times better than what’s out there? Nope! I can take the Revell kit and add about forty dollars in after market, and get the same for about $65 or less. My gold standard is the Tamiya Spitfire, but also over the top in price. People just are not into the $100 kits these days, but if you wait long enough you can catch it on the bargin shelf.

I think it will take them awhile to recoup their cash inlay these days

myself; I’m buying the new Revell Hurricane (maybe three or four). I’m kinda thinking about a Border Stuka right now.

I have the Revell 11a kit and even with Aftermarket it still won’t hold a candle to the Kotare offering which has accurate raised and recessed rivets, and correctly shaped wing bulges etc unique to the original.
By adding a Coffman starter bulge to the starboard fuselage of the Kotare kit i will have a 11a.

an unfair comparison if I might say. I have a Revell MK.II right in front of me and it has a $28 price tag (price went up three dollars). It builds a near perfect MK.Va out of the box, and with about fifty dollars of after market it builds a pretty good MK. II compared to the other kit at close to $200 dollars. Better yet compare it to the GWH P40 or the Tamiya MK. IX. Also note that the next kit they are doing is a MK. Va. Looks to me like they are simply copying the Revell catalog at six times the price, but maybe 10% better.

The Revell kit is peppered with recessed rivets, the early Spits had raised ‘dome’ rivets on the rear 'fuselage for ease of construction and a large number of the smaller recessed rivets at front, visible on the kit, are not visible on the real thing. I bought the Revell kit for £25, aftermarket part costs came to over £60 (Barracuda has to come from US and Eduard full cockpit
/Quinta set from Europe etc) plus new corrected top cowling and metal underdarriage from UK. The Kotare kit is advertised at £85…
In this instance, its more practical to go for the accurate kit out of the box time and cost wise, but i guess it depends where you are.

Not having built or seen in person the Revell kit or Kotare kit I can’t speak from experience but I can draw a parallel with the 1/48 P 38 .
I think you guys are missing an important point - the build experience . Accuracy and details ( included or aftermarket) aside , consider the act of assembling.
Let’s take 3 1/48 P 38 kits - Monogram , Hasegawa and Tamiya. I’ve built all three ( no experience with the Academy kit) . Monogram the least expensive, then the Hasegawa, then Tamiya.
The Tamiya is likely three times the cost (or more ) of the Monogram kit and twice the cost of the Hasegawa one - and worth every cent IMO.
It is simply the most amazing kit from an assembly standpoint and I’ve been doing this for over sixty years. If you factor in it’s detail and accuracy it gets even better.
I suspect the same will be true with the Kotare Spit.

I fully agree. The Kotare kit has a level of accuracy and detail never before seen in a model of an early Spit and should be a joy to assemble.