Kriegsmarine´s first blood – Panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spee 1:350

That stack looks great. Kudos for accomplishing such neat camouflage stripes over those delicate rails!

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Thank you Tim, this camo was actually not too difficult when airbrushed. Just the edges with a fine brush and - mission accomplished. I´m afraid the main tower bridge will be somewhat more demanding :sweat_smile:

Looking at my VETERAN resin-etched kits for the 2 cm FlaK and 3,7 cm twin FlaK guns I recognized this will be way beyond my fine motorical skills. There are many parts I even can not grab with my micro tweezers :pleading_face:

I therefore decide to buy 3d printed exemplars from Black Cat Models. These are looking great and show crisp details. Just greatest care and a fresh X-Acto knife blade is necessary for releasing them from the fret.

As I was sitting and watching Black Cat´s webpage I discovered their new Arado Ship´s planes which will fit perfectly for the Graf Spee. Although Very Fire give you two new crisply molded plastic aircraft and some etching parts these 3d printed ones from Black Cat even look more better. The one with folded wings will be used with my Bismarck kit one day but the one with extended wings will be attached to my Graf Spee

Also they give you two propellers, an standing and two sitting crew members for it

Apart from these new 3d printed parts I did finished the rack for the rescue boats. The part from Trumpeter is out of solid plastic but Very Fire´s etched one looks much more sophisticated

Now, together with some more inner railings and stairs its time for priming and painting again


Finished painting the rack for the rescue boats and already fixed it together with the forward lower bridge superstructure at the ship´s deck. Admiral Graf Spee is slowly taking shape :blush:

The railings and two single 20 mm FlaK guns at the rear upper deck were also attached. Sadly the proposed stair´s numbers in the instructions were wrong again and the stairs are too long. Have to look now which ones will fit in length… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Wow, looking very good! Shame about the stairs. Hope you get it worked out!


Really looking the part now Thomas. She looks very very good :+1:


Finished to tackle the two board cranes. Etched parts were again a mish-mash of Very Fire and Eduard. The rear cables are white EZ-line rigging wire


Those look great Thomas