Krupp morser mod 16. Dio

Загрузка Kruppundwall.jpg
So, 11 days ago i say “Soon i start new diorama, with Krupp morser from takom.” and this is it.

At first I thought about making the base look like a trench, but then I decided so this morser too large for this.

Briks and rocks scribed in styrofoam and primed on black and white.

And for this diorama i start paint figure.

This is german officer from master box 35134. I try paint face like there: PAINTING SKIN/FACE - BASIC LEVEL SBS | planetFigure | Miniatures


So, I have to admit. I was stuck, I didn’t get an idea for a diorama, even searching the Internet didn’t give me any ideas. so maybe you have some ideas?

It’s me again. I did not update the construction site for a long time, but I continued it.