Kuwait M-84 Gulf War

This is my entry for the Gulf War Anniversary Campaign. I didn’t finish adding all the stowage/crew/other bits to it, so I will post them here.
The crew figures are from Evolution Miniatures. The commander’s head is from Hornet.

And on the tank.


Nice touch of colour with that back pack :+1:

what decals did you use on those white sacks? I don’t recognise them.

I am using this photo as one of my references.

The sack hanging on the back of the turret looks like some kind of food or grain sack, so I searched for photos of Kuwaiti food sacks, then took a couple I liked and printed them on clear decal paper.

alwazzan sugar

The sacks themselves are from Legend, the were originally sand bags from a set for the M-48 tank. The backpack is from Blackdog.


Increased activity in the real world (work, etc.) has really slowed me down, but I am still working on this. I wanted to have the crew members loose, so I could remove them for transport, etc. but the gunner would not stay in position, so I had to glue him in. The TC is still removable. I also added more stowage items and some weathering.



I got a few more things added. I put the fasteners for the front dust/mug flaps, and some lights from SKP.



That’s come together really well Ken. Lots of great detailing and paint and weathering look terrific :+1:


I got a little more done on this, the pics can be seen here: Early T-72 from Scratch - Armor/AFV / Cold War - KitMaker Network

No point in filling space with copies of the same photos. Next up is the machine gun, I don’t like the kit one. I got a really nice resin one from Miniarm. It is very nice, lots of fine detail, but there are a lot of small, “fiddly bits” to it, it looks like it will be difficult to put together. After that, I want to put it on a base. Something simple, desert sand, part of a road, and a road sign that says Kuwait City. I have the sign, from Miniart. Just have to get it all put together.

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