Kuwaiti M1A2K

I know the Kuwaiti M1A2K is essentially a M1A2 SEP v.2 different air conditioning unit that looks like a modified APU as used on early M1A2 and M1A1 and im wondering does anyone have any suggestions on how to modify

with a little searching i found this pic

Have you a picture of the AC in question?

Looks like a window A/C unit in the turret basket.

“The train with M1A2K Abrams tanks is in LaGrange, KY on the Short Line from Cincinnati, OH. The M1A2K ordered by Kuwait can be identified from the Auxiliary Cooling and Power System.”


Any suggestions on how to make it? or modify the one thats in the RFM M1A1 kit?

Maybe modify an existing APU with some PE grills and the box that hangs over the rear? It looks more like the APU than the VCU in an M1A2 SEP.

i was thinking the same thing i have leftover photo tech mesh but nothing that looks like a grill

Is this a earlier variant of the M1A2K?

Probably. They originally had straight M1A2s.

Maybe ill go that route a lot less trouble

If you can’t find PE that works maybe this will- super thin styrene with open holes. I love these things.

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Where can i get that stuff?

I just had my guy order more as I bought him out two weeks ago. I know there’s some on eBay but if you can get a local shop to order it you’ll save on shipping, especially when getting more than one.

cool ill look into it worse case ill do a earlier M1A2K due to the only was to get the low profile crows is only available from blast models and its currently out of stock now the big question is the chevron the only markings that makes it Kuwaiti?