KV-1s Ehkranami

Anybody know the time frame for the Ehkranami program? All I’m finding is “1941” and it involved Obr 1939 and Obr 1940 vehicles. From what I gleen it was a short run program (Few months?) to get up armored KVs while production of the improved Obr 1941s got going east of the Urals. Would they have been fielded during Barbarossa?

Yes, there are photos of them from the Barbarossa time period. IIRC, one of the Soviet tank heroes commanded one that held up a panzer spearhead for a day or three. There is a thread on him here somewhere from last year.

Lots of good photos of KV-1E’s here, most from 1941… and taken after the Germans had knocked them out or captured them.


Awesome. Have the page from this site on the KV-2. Great source. Thanks.

Thinking of building the trumpeter kit?

I’ve got it on my bench waiting for final weathering

Have pretty much the full set of 1/35s stashed. Tinkering with a couple 1/48 ones now. (Same as 1/35 kits just shrunk.) Here’s a good source of info on the KVs. Linjks to the various kits is to the left. Has allsorts of tweeks you can do to dial up your kit. One of the later kits,( KV-85?), they say dont bother. Turret is way off … like a hockey puck on a putting green. (KV-2 WIPs. )


Guess it helps if I post the link … Plastic & Resin Kits — 4BO Green