KV-2 Tamiya

Hello there!
Here is the first one finished in 2024. This one was build OOB, I only changed the tow cable with the copper one from the spares box and added the rag made from paper tissue. The goal was to make a worn vehicle so I removed some fenders to show damage, drill some holes and stuff.
Forget the figure. Don’t look at it. You’ll get sick and lose the will to live. I am still learning to do them and I suck, I know. Just put it there for some fun :slight_smile:


Good looking KV-2. :+1:

The figures uniform seems a little too bright but otherwise not too bad.

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Nicely done.

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I know. As said, still learning stuff. You can see it is still glossy, missing real weathering and stuff. Just for fun on the pics


Looking great! :+1:

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nice job! the guy looks good enough, put a few empty bottles of vodka nearby for added effect: grin: what type of tracks came with the kit? the hobbyboss type gave me a near nervous breakdown

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Link and length, upper part sagged, real joy to build. In fact, whole model was Tamiya at its finest.


The key thing you said there was, I’m still learning" you could have said, " I’m giving up figure painting"

My figure painting is very much in its infancy but, I like you am still learning.

Your KV2 is excellent the amount of weathering and damage is spot on :clap::clap:

Keep learning and I’m sure you’ll crack it👍

Watto. :man_student:t2:


That’s an excellent KV2, there’s a great deal of hard work (and thought) in that paint job/weathering and it shows, superb. It deserves an equally high-quality vignette/diorama under its tracks, even if it’s just a piece of dusty road.

So welcome to Figure Painters Anonymous, we’re all in various stages of recovery & keep perforated voodoo dolls (badly painted, natch) of those rare guys who make it look so, so easy. I loathe FP-ing but there’s no question that figures are a necessary evil to bring a vehicle or scene alive.

If you want to keep your guy he should be easy to fix. The flesh probably doesn’t need any work, (he’s a Russkie of very fair/ginger complexion right?) - just lose the gloss effect. Overpaint the dayglo turquoise with a flat navy blue. This was likely early Barbarossa before most tank crews changed to black gear. When dry apply a dilute flat black (or very dark grey) wash, so that it settles in the creases. It’ll also slightly darken the blue everywhere. When dry, dry-brush the same blue mixed with approx. 20% white across the tops of the creases. Dry-brush meaning load the paintbrush and then dab it on a paper towel so there’s hardly any paint left on the brush. The less, the better. Let dry & then decide if it needs another go, the aim is subtlety which does take practice. If it needs toning down, another dilute wash of dark grey (or in this case, dark blue) should do the trick.

For more advanced masochism you might want to consider one (or more) crew from this handy Russian Tankmen set, I’m surprised I’ve never seen them used…

4-9 4J-PB160029 - paint2


Fantastic!, Thank you so much for your reply. I know the original post wasn’t mine but I’m sure @Doodeck will find your reply as helpful as me.

Your work is very inspiring👍

Thanks again, Watto.


That’s probably cause many are not aware of that set. Added to the shopping list. :+1:

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It looks great to me! The rippled weathering along the side of the hull and turret is excellent.

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That looks great! I especially like the painting and weathering. The fade/wear is quite nice. I’ve practiced the hairspray technique, but I get waaaay too much chipping. I’m not really sure how to get that “lighter fade coat over a slightly darker paint” look, except for poofing a bit of slightly lighter paint on top. My test worked well, but it’s not really the same effect as your very cool paint job. The tracks look awesome, very real, like they have weight, and the dirt is quite nice.

Figure looks fine, especialy if you hit it with flat. I learned a shortcut: give the figure a bit of a rusty wash, then touchup flesh on top for highlights. Haven’t actually tried it yet, but I 3D printed an extra figure to practice.

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Your KV-2 looks phenomenal! The finesse of the weathering is fantastic. The tracks are perfect and that exhaust soot is dead on. Great model.