KV8...getting there

Almost done the Trumpeter kit
It’s been in the stash for a while…
Finish weathering, add MGs, some stowage, and call it a day



Very very nice !

Looks great!

Great work! The chips are very nice!

Very nice paint job and weathering. I like the figure peeking in the hatch.
More pics please.

Lovely job mate! I like the commander poking his little head through the hatch hahaha

Thanks all…
Nice kit, apart from the idler wheel halves which don’t seem to have mating surfaces…

Isn’t it a KV-1?

In essence…
Flamethrower version of KV-1…designated KV-8 by Soviets…

I really like the variences in shade you achieved.

Thanks for the kind words!

Love the shiny edges to the wheels, and the shade of green you’ve used is spot on.

Didn’t knew that, thank you for the information.