Kyra 75mm

Kyra 75 mm Black Crow resin figure, legs and upper torso are glued together head, cloak and right hand are not.
All parts are primed and ready for paint. Really nice little kit I had a lot of trouble even finding the seams. My first post I really hope the pics work. Sorry for the poor quality pics.


Time for an update, I blocked in all the basic colors with Mission models and Vallejo acrylic paints just to see what she looked like with a little color on her. I will for shore be painting all the flesh tones with oils not shore on the rest of her yet.

Took way to long to do this because the masking fluid I used must have been way to old when I removed it it took all the paint and two layers of primer with it and I had to use so much force to remove it I was afraid I would break some of the resin, masking fluid was filed under g for garbage.
All comments welcome.


Small update, I finished her shirt done in about 5 layers of violet blue with a red wash over it, the red looks bad in the pic looks pretty good in person might be the flash. Her leather armor between her Rist and elbow are also done, knives are done I am not shore I like the blue tint on them. All comments welcome.


Welcome to the forum. The shade variations in the cape are very well done. I hate it when folks use a black wash on uniforms to replicate shadows. It never looks right.

Thanks for your comment, I may have to respray the cape and hood as there are a few yellow or white paint spots from the last time I cleaned my airbrush oops.

Time for an update, I did the hood and cape over again, two reason there were a few white paint spots I could not let go and the other is I wanted more contrast, I think I made a decent improvement.
This was done with both an airbrush and a paint brush, all comments welcome.


Agree, very nice fold shadows and high lights

Thanks kosprueone glad to here from you after many years I have been away.

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Good to see your work here. Glad you’re back

Just browsing through… … Painting is nicely done and echo what Rob and @KoSprueone said, the cape looks very good with the variations in the shadow and highlights and how you’ve achieved them… Nice work :+1:

Thanks Jonny for the reply.

Time for an update, I finished her pants and made her a red head. Next up are all the leather straps and skin tones, all comments welcome.


Time for an update, I repainted all the flesh tones and decided to try them in acrylics I think it worked out pretty well, I also finished painting all the leather belts and buckles. I have just a few more details left to finish and the base, the next post will be in the completed section, all comments welcome.