L/F late war German 1/35 black crosses with red outline

Thank you for any help I know these were rare and not seen often.

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Not that I know, unless they are included in some star decals sets…

I think that if anyone would make them then TL-Modellbau would, but I’ve just checked and they don’t.

I suspect the solution will be to utilise the various stencil sets one can obtain for the *Balkenkreuz and take it from there with the requisite colours.


I have never heard about them .

I recall seeing them on Takom’s 2in1 Jagdtiger box art but can’t say for sure if they have decals for it in the box. I would check out Night Shift’s build on YouTube; he built the Takom kit and whatever he used for the red and black balkenreuz might give you some ideas. If not I’d recommend looking for Takom’s decal sheet from that set.

Do you mean these ?



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