L/F Revell Big Boy Locomotive Part

I am looking for Part #4 for the Revell Big Boy locomotive. I think it’s the whistle, but I’m not exactly sure. I contacted Revell, but they don’t have the kit or the spare parts anymore. :confused: Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Talking about Big Boys…


If this kit is 1/87 then you should be able to find
it ( once you know what it is ) from an HO scale loco parts maker . Just google HO scale locomotive parts.

@RDT1953 I’ll give that a try. No idea what it is, though.

@Frenchy Yes, that’s the part. Any idea what that is?


My guess is one of parts 14-16, maybe?

Based on the video clip provide by @Frenchy where that part is letting out steam the whole time (not a safety valve) and the diagram provided by @HeavyArty I say it is the headlight generator or dynamo (nr 16 in Ginos diagram).
A safety valve would only be letting off steam until the pressure has been reduced to safe levels.
A dynamo will be running as long as the electric headlights need power.
It isn’t the whistle either …
Here it is in action on a large scale model of a small locomotive

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I think this will help.


I like how the thumbnail shows the engineers sitting behind a raging inferno.

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Agree w/Uncle. Generator, which should be available in the Cal-Scale line or Precision Scale.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I appreciate the help.

@brekinapez They basically are sitting behind a raging inferno.

@Buckeye & @Uncle-Heavy Thanks for the insight, Robin. Tim, I’ll look into those companies to see what they have.


Pyle National MO-6 turbo generator

From eBay : https://www.ebay.com/itm/255111243334


Thanks, H.P. I appreciate that. Now I know what to look for.


Found it. Couldn’t reach you so picking it up anyway.