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After 35326 Owen Gun for Royal Australian Regiment - RAR figures, BRAVO*6 released new weapon sets. 35327 L1A1 SLR - Self Loading Rifle and Australian production 35328 Lithgow L1A1 SLR. Both kits include a PE sheet with gunslings, buckles, sling svivel assembly parts and bayonets.

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Really like seeing SLR’s in this scale. Bravo 6 have muddled up the Carrying handles, the green Vinyl ones were introduced in the same upgrade that saw the new wooden laminate handguards, the Wooden one was on the full wood handguards and in twenty years service i never saw a wooden one with the later Handguards but saw a few of the older Handguards that had the late handle
. BTW Lithgow also made the one they just depict as an L1A1

Nice to see some SLR.
I wouldn’t worry about the sling though unless you plan to do a ceremonial figure.
I think I may have used the sling once during service.

I might just get a set for nostalgia… I did love the SLR… Now that packed a real punch…

It was far cooler to have converted GPMG or LMG sling for it :grin: