La-La-La-La ... La Bomba

Apologies to Richie Valens. JU-87 B-1s used by Kondor Legion. Did they use 500 KG bombs in Spain? Or Just 250 KGs? I thought I had read they were restricted to the 250s, either by lack of clearance for use on the aircraft or logistic issues. Seeing there were only a few Stukas in country, and only for a short period (First deployment was a single ship. Second was 3 aircraft for about 8 months (All 4 were A models) . Third was unknown number of B-1s from Jan.39 till end of the war.) If other aircraft were not using 500 KG bombs in theater sending a supply for just that few aircraft probably doesnt make sense.

For what it’s worth…

Photo of a group of German bomber pilots of the Condor Legion during the presentation of a 500kg aerial bomb of a dive bomber (Stuka), of the type Junker Ju 87. The pilots have marked the aerial bomb with the inscription Hein Godenwind, a story of the author Gorch Fock.”

More info and pics here :


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