LAF M915 tractor with M872 trailer

The M915 heavy tractor truck with M872 flat-bed trailer was used by the Lebanese Armed Forces between the late 2000s and early 2010s by the Transportation Regiment.

Kit and aftermarket products used for this project:

Trumpeter&HobbyBoss Trumpeter 01015 M915 Truck

Fusion Scale Graphics Decals FSG-HLBU100-35 Hapag-Lloyd 40′ Shipping Container Decal Set

Johan Lexell Star Decals 35C1115 Lebanese Tanks & AFVs Part 8 – Registration Numbers

Paints and Pigments used:

Tamiya Acrylic Paints

MR Hobby Aqueous Color

AK Real Colors

Winsor & Newton Oil Colours

502 Abteilung Oil Colors

Conté à Paris Soft Pastels

Sources and documents which helped me building this project are:

Samer Kassis Archive


Very nice clean build. Some really good colour contrasts. The ISO looks great and the orange works well in how it stands out from the truck and trailer green. And the kits look like they built up very well. Are the kits all straight out the box ?

With some experience driving artics, the only small bit I would change is to grease up/dirty the 5th wheel and the guides for the trailer lug behind the 5th wheel.

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an excellent build my only complaint is that i work in the transport industry and that container needs some dents, scratching and rust on it.

other than that it’s fantastic.

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Thank you for your comments, yes the kits are straight out of the box with minor updating such as adding the trailer red and blue air brake hoses and minor changes in the radiator grill.
Thanks for the grease up advice :smiley:

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I choose to do the container kit according to what it seems to look in real life in the early 2010s, The Hapag-Lloyd HC containers with the late version logos seems to be brand new with minor stains or proof of heavy usage like on this photo taken within that time range (source:Flickr):

or here, you can see the differences between the old and the new Hapag-Lloyd logo containers (source: Dreamstime):

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Im surprised the kit does not come with decent air hoses. The ones you have done just give it a very realistic and up to date look. Good job :+1:

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