Laffly S35T 1/35 from DES KIT

Started on mid-2022, the Laffly S35T has been finished around June 2023 ! I’m now posting before end of 2023 … Sure 2024 will see more finished models with many in the pipe !!!
A blocking point for me is that the tractor is seen with Michelin tires instead of the Dunlop TrakGrip from the kit . My friend Darius made delicious wheels with Michelin tires, all with logo and sagged, directionnals… So 6 different wheels + the spare wheel. One set is “Panhard AMD 178 like pattern” and another pattern is more agressive (preferred by the Wehrmacht for its wrecker )
Here is the link for downloading those wheels :

Bonus image logo TRAK GRIP DUNLOP :

Another problem was the painting of a large closed cabin. Something new to me as I build very few models. With glasses to be glued from inside, a slightly warp roof part that I prefered to cut in 2 parts for gluing.
The rear panel has been rebuilt stronger and allowed open window. I should have also open the side windows and roll the canvas to give more air to the crew.
The paint that I used is the Humbrol Enamel French Artillery Green 179. I have a good stock and some dead… Some zenithal enlight with Lifecolor Olive Drab US from a set.

The weathering is now my classic way. I’m not out of my “comfort” zone. Using mixes and coats with Mud A-MIG1701, and oilbrushers Ammo Starship Filth + Medium soil, more or less diluted with Enamel Odourless Thinner ( don’t use it with Humbrol… )

The 155mm GPFT has more weathering differences for the side blocks and the blades and other details that the the tractor more even doesn’t have.
The decals are Histopic digits for french armour…

The applied markings were inspired by well known pics.

The gun has been done here : Laffly S35T towing 155mm GPFT
and let’s add 2 more pics :

Happy Christmas !!!


Thanks for sharing this great work.


Excellent work. Doing two DES full resin kits is a challenge that few of us are up to.


Eric that is just amazing work on difficult models! Your build and finishing techniques are excellent.

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Does anyone know of a US source for DES Kit products? I see older releases on eBay that appear to be stash cleaning. I’ve tried to place orders with DES directly but have not gotten a response.


@Taylorl : PM sent !

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