Laffly S45 & Trailer Titan 30t 'Inspirations' by Stephane Lepetit | Armorama™

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Superb build. Is that a conversion of ICMs Laffly S15? If so I’d be interested to know where the plans came from as I have a picture of a similar vehicle being used by 9SS as a gun tractor.

ICM’s kit is a V15T, it weighed in around 2.6 tons and had a 700 kg load capacity
The S45 was a bigger beast, empty weight was 8.2 tonnes and could tow 10 tonnes and had a max load of up to 2 tonnes (depending on the ground it was moving over)

The V15T was used to tow a 25 mm AA gun

The S45 is presumably from Blitz Kit, no longer available but still shown on the website. The trailer is from DES Kit.

Blitz tend to re-release kits after some time so with some luck the S45 could turn up again …

Hopefully. Was planning to buy their new Bernard this week and it’s already sold out after only being available for 2 weeks.