'Lahav' - New HEMMT based IDF rocket launcher

Unfortunately I have no further info about this system, but apparently it can launch a variety of rockets.


and now we can only dream and hope that a 1/35 model will turn up …

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I guess it’s the Elbit Systems PULS (Precise & Universal Launching System) :




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And than it will probably be sold out in no time…

Interesting looking piece of kit. The good thing, from a modelling point of view, is the HEMMT already exists in plastic so making a variant for this IDF piece might not be so far from being a reality.

First time, I see a IDF HEMTT on the - A4 Hull?

Not sure if Trumpeter will make it.Iit has the engine and cab of HEMTT A4, which would mean that they have to do almost a new kit. I of course have no problem with a completely new kit. But I think they should continue their HEMTT A2 kits with M977 and M978. These would have a bigger sales potential.

What’s better than a rocket on a truck? A mortar on a humvee…

Just as unlikely as a kit, but just as cool as a Lahav.


Right you scratch builders, get to it!

Very interesting. Looks like 4-packs of MLRS 227mm rockets on back.

These are 306mm EXTRA rockets.


They are mentioned in the article I’ve posted the link to in my previous post.


Hmm, OK. Close, but no cigar.

That should be enough