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Presenting Mirco Marcato and his stunning work on the diorama called "Laid to Rest". In the endless spaces of former Soviet military bases, once secret outposts of the Cold War, now lie abandoned silent carcasses, ghosts of what were once the most fearsome and powerful flying machines that ever appeared on earth.

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I think I have seen this before, but it is done superbly. Right down to the moss and the fallen branches and the glazed canopy glass. Very impressive. I would of thought the tyres would be flat by now though ?? Just an observation … does not take anything away from a fantastic dio.


Ah! The Mikoyan-Guverich MiG-25 Foxbat. A plane designed to hunt American Bombers, and the second fastest production aircraft in the world (the first being the SR-71 Blackbird).


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Fantastic diorama!

I’ve seen some pictures from actual bases, where ‘stalkers’ or ‘urban explorers’ as they are sometimes called, have come across things like this. I’ve seen a few dios over the years that capture the essence of the experience but this is probably the finest one. It reminds me of photographs I saw from an old Soviet Air Force base that still had murals on the walls and directions to where things were on the base. I’m guessing Mirco has seen something similar.

Hard to believe how well he has captured the idea of a forgotten corner of a base like this- the leaves piled up by years of autumns and wind, the moss slowly creeping over the ground and the aircraft itself. The green deposits on the truck tyres, the faded, weather beaten paint that slowly dulls the original color. The random bits of equipment left all over the place and weathering at different stages. All of it is just beautifully posed and picked out.

The building is carefully done too- not too big to overshadow the plane but enough to show that stale decay with dirty windows, newspaper on the glass, window frames being eaten away and dirt running down the walls from leaf-filled gutters.

A truly superb piece of work.


Absolutely beautiful work. The depth of the scene is fantastic, there is constantly something grabbing your interest. Truly great art.

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