Lakota Sioux Mounted Indian Bust from Bonapartes

Bonapartes Military Models announced new bust:

Lakota Sioux Mounted Indian Bust
Scale: 230 mm
Material: resin
Sculpted by Richard Bailey


Interesting half figure… This goes way beyond the classical designation of a bust!
Considdering the intricacy of the design, I don’t think the pics do it any justice!!!

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And I certainly wouldn’t want to paint it… It would age me 20 years lol…does look amazingly detailed though…

Half a horse…? :exploding_head:

Must have been inspired by a fever-dream of a scene from “The Godfather”! :grin:

As a Lakota Sioux I have to say I’m quite pleased with the subject matter.
Looking at the second photo, all I can say is that must have been one huge eagle the claw came from.
Take care and stay safe friends,
Don “Lakota”