Lancaster 8,000 lb bomb doors help

The airfix B2 Lancaster includes a set of bulged bomb bay doors and a small ventral turret, all for use with an 8,000lb bomb, and I’d like to salvage these parts from an old unfinished build and use them on airfix’s B3. But I’ve been unable to find any pictures of B3 lancasters using them however. Any advice of where to look would be highly appreciated

Weren’t the bulged bomb bay doors used by 617 Squadron on their Tallboy carriers?

There were three types of bulged bomb bay door on the B.II, prototype, early and late, note sure which the kit depicts. The ventral turret was not used on the B.I/III and was also removed quickly from most B.IIs as it was found to be difficult to aim and when the H2S radar was fitted the turret or field mods using the space got in the way.
Note the B.I and B.III mainly differ from the fact the Mk.III was fitted with Packard built Merlins.

Mk.I with bulged doors

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Here’s a Tallboy loaded. Notice the modified bomb doors curvature to close around the large diameter bomb. The follow on Grand Slam was carried externally.

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