Lancaster Dambuster Planned | AeroScale

HK Models is to release the Avro Lancaster B.Mk.III Special Dambuster in 1:48 scale

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Oh, a Tallboy version is also mentioned. That one has not been done as a mainstream kit before… Nice!

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Lancaster B.MkI. That would be awesome, but instead of a Tall Boy, make it a Grand Slam; the largest conventional bomb ever dropped during WW2; a 22,000 pound monster, designed to destroy submarine pens.

Size comparison between the Tall Boy (12,000lb.) and the Grand Slam (22,000lb.).

A Grand Slam bomb being handled at RAF Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire.

An Avro Lancaster of RAF 617 Sqn. dropping a Grand Slam at the Arnsberg Viaduct, Germany. March 19th, 1945.

Effect of a Grand Slam bomb on the Valentin Sub Pen in Farge, Germany. March 27th, 1945.

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The article here says that a Grand Slam version is also planned for release. So they will make all three different Lancaster “specials” types. But Tamiya did release both other types in their kit with the Dambuster and Grand Slam options. The Tallboy is however previously unkitted and could only be made via conversion in 1/48. The Tallboy had far more and longer operational use than the Grand Slam or Upkeep bombs, so this is something of an oversight until now with this kit.