Lance missile tailcone

The tailcone of the Lance missiles included in the Dragon kits is simply a slightly curved dome with two holes. Does this represent a protective cap over the exhaust that blows off at launch or are these representative of training rounds? Or something else entirely? Thanks!

Not an expert on this field but sparked my curiosity, and seems it remains in place until launch time so I would say it is blown off

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The real missile had an aerodynamic boattail over the engine nozzle and two styles of protective covers:

Lance 2

The “old” style was two parts, a sheath that covered the whole tail and a blow-off cover over the engine nozzle. The “new” style just had a plate bonded to the end of the aerodynamic shell that blew off or disintegrated at ignition.

As best I can tell, here is an old cover with the drop indicator attached:

and a missile ready to fire after removing the cover. The inner sealing piece is visible.

And this is a new cover:

The DML part I9 looks to be a new style cover (I have not pulled my kit to check) but it should have indicator bezels and clear covers (no doubt one of these), not holes.



Just what I was looking for. Thanks!


Interesting videos - especially the Introduction. Lots of details.



Thank you gentlemen for the video and instructions! They will be useful because I have one in my plans :+1: