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The Land Rover has seen service across the globe and AK Interactive have opted to provide the modeller with a range of 1/35th scale offerings with this being the first.

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Very useful review Darren - thanks. Mine is not due until this coming week and I am looking very forward to it (like I need another model!).

I’m not too sure where AK are coming from in allocating the Brit BAOR version to “Nuerburgring”; there were no Brit units in Nuerburg that I know of. However, that is to quibble - the marking options are very impressive. For the record the BAOR vehicle depicted is part of 6 Armd Bde, and is one of the 2 constituent armoured regiments of said brigade. If anybody is thinking of modelling this particular version (and I might) then it should really be left-hand drive, and as you point out, the weapon clips should be on the bulkhead.

I’ve said it before, but we really are well served as modellers these days.

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Who knows… :wink:


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'Love it! That appears to be the one actually in the kit.

I meant of course, that there were no Brit units based in Nuerburg; I’m not surprised (at the pic) though, Brit soldiers get everywhere(!)

Love the Health & Safety in that pic! Sitting on the crash barrier…

Those were the days…sigh