Land Rovers during the Civil War in Chad

I am aware that the Series 3 Land Rover was among the vehicles used by rebel factions during the Civil War in Chad. I intend to model one of these in 1/76 scale, and wonder whether it would generally be right-hand or left-hand drive.



Paul, although not Chad, while I have been out in Zimbabwe, Egypt, Morocco, Botswana, S Africa and Kenya, you seriously get an equal mix of RH and LH L-Rovers ( and that was Series 3s)

I flew some Chadian missions in the late 80’s, always flying into N’Djamena. I’m assuming it was to support whoever the French managed to place within the government (which was always corrupt). While on the tarmac there was always French guards (some FFL) riding around in Rovers and M151’s. I could not give you the model/series of the Rovers. The failure of Libya to take Chad in their little border wars also gave us a treasure trove of captured equipment. There would be a few Libyan prisoners around a couple of airport hangars, all in bare feet (can’t walk/run on hot asphalt/sand). These border skirmishes gave us the stories of Chadian troops mixing it up with Libyan formations in tanks (T-54/T-55), by driving their Toyota (?) pickups, with RPG’s, in the mix of the tanks, of which they could not turn their turrets fast enough to engage the trucks…and the Chadians easily picked them off.

I agree with John above. I have seen a pretty much 50-50 mix across the Middle East/N. Africa of right and left hand drive vehicles.

That is why it became known as the “Toyota War”.

Thankyou all for your most informative responses.
Time now to make a start on my small-scale piece.
I’ve done some prep work on the Series 3 Landy,
as well as a set of 3D-printed African militia figures
from FC Model Trend. I have to say, these figures are


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