Landscapes of war vol. 3

Hi guys,
Just wondering if any of you have bought the book “Landscapes of war vol. 3”?
If so, is it good to have? I have vol. 1 & 2 and they are really nice I think.
I will buy the vol. 3 anyway, but it’s always interesting to see what you guys says;)
Any other diorama book you recommend?


Hi Erik i have that book and its a lot of tips how to build walls tex.brickwalls / Micke

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Jag svarar på svenska bara för att retas lite med våra vänner här på forumet :smiley:
Det var rätt man att svara på frågan! Jag skall beställa den vid tillfälle. Måste säga att det är riktigt roligt att ha med dig på forumet, inspirerade!
Vad har du för byggen i pipeline? /Erik

Here you have a review by Rick Cooper:

And another one by yours truly :innocent:

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@varanusk Hey man! That’s two great reviews! Thanks! I will definitely get that one:) cheers, Erik

Rick Cooper? Who is that guy?
Truthfully, had forgotten I had even done a review on it. Highly recommended, even if just for the eye-candy aspect of it.



Hi Erik I tried to send you a message yesterday I’m not sure I did it right Did you get the message?