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Landships Modeling sells two 1/16 variants of the TKS tanquettes as digital files for 3D printing

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So I can’t say about the TKS 1/16 model, but I did buy the BDT-35 Rail Car. The BDT is in 1/35 and comes as a zip file. The file has some folders, each having parts for the model in STL file format. There is also a PDF file for the instructions. There are around 80 parts depending on options. It is basically a model you build. Just that you 3D print it. The break down gives it a lot of detail. I am looking forward to putting it together. The printing will take awhile, but I feel it will be well worth it. The cost is very reasonable. It is a good deal if you like to buy STL files and print your own models.


The BDT-35 looks more detailed then the AMG kit.


I have a great fondness for the Polish tankettes and the brave men who crewed them. I have 8 of them in 1/35 styrene. I also have a buddy in my model club who’s wife gave him a 3D printer for his birthday and he’s been looking for stuff to print, so - I guess I’m buying the 2 pack of these files!


Just purchased the files - only $8.00!


Appreciate the support guys. I’ve already used some of the funds to buy reference books for future products. Honest thoughts and opinions on accuracy and buildability are welcome too.

Yea, they missed a couple details on the plastic kit, mainly the small underside wheels for transferring to a parallel track. I have plans for the riveted version that I may get to soon, the railcars just haven’t been as popular.