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New conversion for an ammunition carrier Panzer I

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Ha ha ha ! APCBC as a german marking !!!

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Maybe LANMO got fooled by this product:

Ammo for the Teager …

Also sold by BNA Model World:

They could also have been misled by this Wikipedia article which uses an English/American abbreviation on Wehrmacht ammo:

“In addition, the massively increased operating pressures of the new gun also required a new armour-piercing shell to be designed. The result of this was the PzGr.39/43 APCBC-HE projectile, which was similar to the older 10.2-kilogram (22 lb) PzGr.39-1 APCBC-HE projectile used by the 8.8 cm KwK 36 and PaK 43 guns except for the addition of much wider driving bands. The wider driving bands of the PzGr.39/43 increased the weight of the shell to 10.4 kilograms (23 lb) as a result.[1]