Lanz Tractor walkaround

I will post some images of a Lanz Bulldog tractor for those who plan to build the Miniart kit.

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What were the typical colors that these had from the factory?
My wife is a farm girl from Bayern and I’ve always wanted to build her the steel wheel version.

Thank you for posting this!

Danke Hermann,
Great image coverage, very useful.
best regards,
John W.

Here some cutaways of the Bulldog

Fun fact. In southern Germany, each tractor is called a Bulldog. It had become a generic term for a farm tractor.


Michael, what´s your opinion on the Miniart kit?

There is a serious lack of locator pins and some of the split housing parts in the engine/transmission/differential area don’t exactly match up perfectly but with care and some sanding these can be overcome. In the end it will certainly produce a fine model.

This is as far as I have gotten with the Lanz:
Work has been a bear of late. Big sale going on in the shop; hundreds of huge G and F Scale trains. Lot’s of heavy lifting, packing and heavy shipping! No energy left for modeling!

No real lip, pins or edges to support that bottom transmission cover plate so I filled the void with Q-Tips swabs to support it as the glue dried. Then watched it carefully so as to not have it slide out of kilter, (which it did SEVERAL TIMES!)


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Excellent photographs. Thank you very much for sharing them with us. :slight_smile:

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Very nice and usefull pictures… Since these Schleppers were build over a rather long period, changing minor features: when was his sample build?

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Manufacturer´s placard says 1940.