LARC-V in plastic!

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Dream come true, no more worries about a superexpensive Hobby Fan resin kit…

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This is going to make a lot of modellers very happy. Gecko seems to have an ear to the ground and is listening to what people are asking for in the different forums on the net. Instead of churning out more Panthers, Tigers and Shermans, they are offering us kits of never before issued in plastic subjects. Kudos to them. Keep doing that and they will be getting my pennies…

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Looks like a lot of modellers will be very happy (and me) .

I always wanted to do an Antarctic version in red and white but the hobbyfan kit was just too expensive.

Looks like I have a chance now.

Regards jason


Weren’t these used in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” ?

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Yay! Now where is that brown water monitor?

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Very interesting to follow the links all the way to the Icelandic tours company to see a couple of happy snaps of the LARC’s (modified) still in action.

Does anyone know if its available yet ? If so where ? thanks !

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I’ll have to get one of these to sit along side one of my AAVs on a beach dio.

They’ve got a more current version on the way for your Beachmasters. The newer one is supposed to have an F470 CRRC included.

Ideal for Falklands 82 too - though I’m not up on whatever Mark the Argentinians used.

History of the LARC-V.
I don`t think that there were many marks of the boattruck. The only mark is the SLEP trucks that are currently in use. The SLEP version is a good opportunity to use the new boxes from either Legend or Eureka XXL.

War Museum Overloon in the Nederlands displays a LARC LX or BARC.
Giving the size of the thing, I hardly believe the 200 buckls will be enough. :slightly_smiling_face:
Roskpf Miniaturmodelle made 1/100 scale model of the BARC.
I had one myself and as far as I remember, it was fairly well done. Oh Glory Days in the 1970`s.

For those who will take the challenge, the are several Technical Manuals floating on the internet (pun intented).
All we need now are one of those 3D print wizzards to make the tires.