Large Scale Planes Hacked?

Hi Group,

Has LSP been hacked? Just found this email from Large Scale Planes

Hi JPTRR Fred,


I did a search on the name. Seems people on a Furry web site also received that email. One person also got a follow-up warning them not to go to the site anymore as the owner of the site was linked to child pornography.

Another site that got the email was which is a sports web site. They seem to think it is a Russian hacker messing with sites for the lulz.

It was and best change password if you feel the need. Good probes before holding other sites hostage.

There is no info on the site or on the forum about this…

It was on LSP FaceBook.

Hi group,

Last night I went to the site. There is a red banner with info about the hacking. Site owner says problem fixed but recommends password change.