Last of the Dam Busters

The last surviving member of 617 Squadron who flew in Operation Chastise is now rejoining the rest of his mates for debrief and a pint.
Last Dam Buster


Deserves more than 1 pint i’m sure. F**king Legend (s).


RIP Squadron Leader Johnson .


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Actually I have a first-hand account that they did better than beer…

β€œ(Entering the Mess for breakfast) I saw the usually sparsely-occupied ante-room was full of 617 Squadron aircrew. It was an astonishing and unforgettable sight never to be repeated; chairs had been piled high on top of the tables and Guy Gibson was sitting on top of the pile, surrounded by laughing & cheering officers all drinking champagne. The survivors were all there – Trevor-Roper, Shannon, Martin (no relation), Knight and Taerum. A glass of champagne was thrust into my hand & the party continued for much of the day.”

P.O. Bernard Martin (57 Squadron, also based at Scampton) – my Dad.