Last Year's Christmas Present

I’ve finally managed to finish the star wars legion present i got last year namely rhe sabre tank for the clone army.


Looks like it was worth the wait :wink:


Noice! I like it. :+1:

Nice work, Klaus!

How did the kit go together? And does the kit provide decals as well?

This one has been on my wish list — got the SW Legion TX-225 Occupier tank kit (as seen in “Rogue One”) for Christmas this year…but have not even opened it yet for fear that I will immediately start building it and push aside the other in-progress builds that I have on my dining room table — er, I mean workbench! :wink: Have fallen into this trap far too many times!

It is a cool design and I like your choice of color scheme as well!

When I eventually get my paws on this kit, I was thinking of painting it as a Partisan tank or possibly a holdover in Imperial service on a backwater posting somewhere out past Tatooine…some podunk posting where the Imperials don’t get the latest gear and are forced to utilize captured or outdated equipment…

Keep up the great work, Klaus!

With Regards and Aloha,

Johnny B.

@Havoc no issues with the kit and it went together very well indeed. you do not get any decals so ypul will need to source them from some place else.
if you are going to paint the two sponsons a separate colour from the tank i would suggest you do it before you attach them to the main part of the hull

Awesome, thanks, Klaus!

Glad to hear that its kit went together well… And thanks for the tip on painting the sponsons — when I eventually around to obtaining the kit, I will keep that up my sleeve…

Can’t wait ta see what lies in store for this build.

Keep up the good work and thanks again, Klaus!

With Regards and Aloha,

Johnny B.

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