Late Hull Centurion Sets from SMM | Armorama™

Scorpion Miniature Models released 15 new sets for 1/35 scale Centurion hulls. Check them out!

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Now I just need the Complete Centurion User Guide (CCUG) which describes which bits and pieces are needed for the different Centurion Mk’s …

Well, there goes a lot of scratch building I’ll never finish now. Just as well - time is worth more than money, and I can see myself getting nearly everything on this list. I’ll finally be able to use my Accurate Armour decals for Operation Armadillo’s Delight Centurions among others.

The split hatch is very welcome… Now I can quit bogarting them from old Tamiya M551’s.

As it says at the top of the story, go to the website and your questions will be answered. I have done my best to make it all clear, so I hope it helps.


Well, this is all excellent news - well done Michael - one can now really ring the changes. I will be contributing to your retirement fund shorlty!

Seriously, this is great news for British AFV modellers.

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