Latest activity drop-down showing old stuff?

Has anyone else noticed anything odd in the latest activity list? The one you get if you click your avatar in the top-right of the screen, that shows recent responses etc to posts? For the past couple of days mine seems to be dredging up old and/or unrelated stuff instead of recent things. Has something been tinkered under the hood that is causing this? In the shot below you can see the list is dominated by “post moved” messages and badge awards - many dating to the early days of the new platform and long-since disappeared from the recent list…


Yes. Talking with Jim in an another thread Discourse made a change. I imagine that is what triggered these old items from getting new life again.


All the posts on mine are recent. The only change are the little icons next to the drop down.
Has anybody else noticed the new “Chat” feature in the upper right?


I got old items which I hadn’t seen before, basically showing me the ''unreads"

Same here…I’ve just been notified I had received a “nice reply badge” 14 days ago… :wink:


After some experimentation it looks like it isn’t exactly broken, but more a case of “fixed to our detriment”. There is a list of icons down the right side (bell, heart, left-arrow, envelope etc) and clicking them changes the list o be the most recent of ONLY that type (notifications, likes, replies etc) and the default is the notifications at the top of the icons. This is different from what it used to be, where the default showed the most recent dozen or so of EVERYTHING, in date/time order, so it showed not only replies but also likes etc. This “show all recent” default has apparently gone away in what can only be called a retrograde “improvement” from the coders at Discourse. So now I have to actively flick between lists to see all the new stuff affecting me - thanks Discourse! Mystery solved, to my dissatisfaction…


I get the mixed list when I click the bell-icon …

I do too, but only if I double-click and then it’s a full page taking me away from where I was. Before, I got that list in the drop-down without needing to open a full page…

As long as a "Give us feedback on the update’ popup doesn’t arrive the coders day will not be ruined.

Vive la difference :mega:
I use a computer so I never notice the differences in behaviour when using a phone.

I too only use a computer to access Kitmaker, so I have no idea how it behaves on a phone. But cross-platform harmonizing may be at the root of it all…

After clicking on my avatar (ugly mug)

After clicking another icon (once, no doubles)

If I double click or click an already active icon I get diverted to another page
(applies to the 5 top ones)

How come it still works for you? That’s so unfair! (Another Brexit bonus perhaps?..) :grin:

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I use Firefox but I don’t think that has anything to with it.
Could it be that you are inadvertently double clicking?
Could be Brexit, all kinds of crap happens to Britain because
of Brexit … :rofl:

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