Latest Omaha Beach Figures from Jeff Shiu | Armorama™

Jeff Shiu presents new 120mm scale figures depicting US 29th Infantry from Omaha Beach D-Day landings.

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Is he a preist, medic, or just a friend? I see the armband so thinking medic?

I believe just a friend/squad mate but I could be wrong. . The armband is the gas detection brassard they wore on their arm.

Edit; Actually, I believe he may be a medic. It doesn’t have the shape of the gas brassard and I believe he’s carrying a combat medic carry bag.

Also another weird almost unnatural pose for the “medic”, looks like he was walking, and someone tipped him over, as there is no weight on the side of his body laying on the sand.
The last two featured, one of the crouching figures totally had his foot bending in an unnatural direction.

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This is a lovely chance to add a different subject to a display or even a diorama if you have the room .
As far as the figure looking as though it was standing up and just tipped over . It is very difficult to lay down with equipment all over your body plus trying to support another body .
Try it sometime .
This one will be going on my Christmas list .

Thank you Jeff .