Latest progress Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo

Yes, I’m still working on the project. And it is still not done. I’m really losing my patience now. And I just want to get the job done. Now having problems with painting the figures as I’m discovering and learning more things. Including that you all probably were right about the Tamiya acrylic paint isn’t particularly well suited for brush painting as it is for airbrushing. Experience with wet palette for the paints I’m talking about will be posted today in a seperate topic. Long story short, there is again a stop to pause with the project to yet again troubleshoot problems I’m encountering.


Goods good to me but you are right…Tamiya paints are defiantly not made for brush painting. Although if your figures were done that way they look pretty nice in the photos.
To brush paint with Tamiya Acrylic you need some sort of compatible paint retarder that slows the drying time and increases the flowing ability. Since Tamiya paints are not a true acrylic (they can be thinned with lacquer thinner if you like) I’m not sure if a regular acrylic retarder would work.
Anyway, your project looks pretty nice to me. You can always set it aside for a while if it’s frustrating.


Roland I think you’ve done very well on this kit and figures. The paint job on the FAMO is very good.

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Tamiya has a retarder that helps.

Yes, the project still isn’t done and work continues on what hopefully will be the end result of the project quite soon. Because I want to to move on to a next project. Which is a lot simpler and easier to do as well.


Get 'er done!

Don’t allow the project to drag out so long that you completely lose interest and motivation. Better to finish it up even if it’s not as “perfect” as you might wish than to never finish it all.

Take your lessons learned along with your new tools and materials and apply those to your next build with the intention of making it better than this one. It’s OK to never be satisfied with your final product since that’s what keeps you motivated to continue to improve your work.

If you ever find yourself at the point where you don’t think you’ve got anything new to learn or that your work will never get any better, then you’re certain to lose interest in the hobby. You have to continue to push your talents and skills, but that also means that you are never personally 100% satisfied.

The implied lesson in that is you never really reach that goal of perfection, so eventually you must learn to just finish a model so that you can move on to the next one.


I totally agree with you here.
I’m at this point just constantly thinking, just get it done and move on to the next thing.
I’m now not aiming anymore to make it perfect, good enough suffices for me.
So yeah, I expect to finally finish the project in the coming days…