Latvian CVR/T family

Quite new to me, Latvia acquired some used CVR/T.
I wonder if the Scimitar could be build OOTB or has the update set from Scorpion Models to be used?

They are all LEP upgraded. Some have the ESPIRE sight but some might have the BGTI sight.

That´s a lot of abbreviations! :smiley:

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Would of made sense to have the ESPIRE if they bought in bulk… Keep everything the same… I’m not sure what the ratio of those to BGTI sights were.
Our loss, the Latvians gain…

The AFV Club kit is a mish-mash of different periods but represents a Jaguar petrol-engined version. The Latvians use ex-British upgraded diesel-engined versions with different hull features, new sights, radios, etc.

Apart from the markings, we (SMM) can supply all the parts you need.

Hi Michael,
thankls for the update. I will go for your parts when I decide to build that model.

You are very welcome. Scorpion/Scimitar is actually quite a complex subject, so any help you need, please let me know.

Hi Michael,
since my interests are different, I appreciate every help. Could you explain what`s the difference to the AFV Club kit and which of your kits will be needed?

I mentioned the basic differences already up above. Scimitars have had a lot of modifications over the years. Did you read the article I gave a link for?

I will go through the parts you need in the morning. It’s getting late here. Talk tomorrow:-)