LAV C2 commanders cupola question

Hi fellow modellers,
currently I am building the Trumpeter LAV C2 (Command & Control) and I have a question regarding the commanders cupola.
If you place part D1 on top of the hatch, you can no longer open the hatch.
I’d like to know if part D1 is faulty molded and how it looks like in real life.


Google replies:
Trumpeter instructions


Trumpeter kit assembled

D1 needs tweaking and the position needs to be further back.

Thanks Robin the same counts for the hatch aft of the drivers hatch. Am I correct?

Trumpeter LAV kits in general need a makeover, they are faulty researched.
A good walkaround can be found on PrimePortal.

I am on very shaky ground here since I do not have not found any conclusive photos.
This photo of the kit seems to show a rectangular area behind the second hatch

while this photo from PrimePortal (same series of photos as the one in my previous post:
see link posted by Hermann above)
shows more of a square shape. This could mean that the second hatch and the structure
under the hatch should slide backwards a little

DO NOT take my word on this since my knowledge about the LAV’s is limited.
I hope someone with better knowledge can chime in …

Thanks again, I also used the pictures on prime portal as a reference, But as you mentioned it doesn’t get any closer as this. There are no further pictures available on the internet.

There sure are more pics, but you have to find it. :grinning: I found a good handful on DVIDS site. Another fact is the LAV-C2 contains electronics, hence the US military won´t let anyone to close to it.

Official General Motors Diesel Divison information sheet.

Line drawing from Hunnicutt Armored Car book. For discussion purposes only.

Hi Hermann,
thanks a lot.
Very helpful!