Laying out non slip surfaces

Hello again all,
I was wondering if anybody has a some diagrams for where the non slip surfaces are located on modern us armor (Abrams, Bradley, m109, MLRS, etc).
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That’s a good question, since most of that is done at the factory. I have never seen any drawings or diagrams, I mostly go based on experience and photos.
IIRC, the older M109s, meaning anything before the M109A6 Paladin, did not have any non slip material on it. On the early M1 Abrams, it was present, but the material was so fine in texture that you would not even see it at 1/35 scale.

Here is an image for the Abrams. I don’t know how official it is, but the areas do line up w/the actual tanks.


Great drawing! Certainly looks official. That’s an M1A1, should be essentially the same for all later variants.
Got any other vehicles?

That is the best pic for the abrams I’ve seen thank you now to find the others especially the Bradley got one on the bench now I would like to add the anti slip texture too.



Finished build texture


Very nice. I hadn’t seen the Bradley diagram yet.

That is undeniably very nice work!
However, unlike Gino, I have seen that reference and found it (at least according to what I found) to be wanting. I happen to be modelling five very early Brads myself, and based upon my own references - dozens of vehicles which all had the same pattern, I decided to do my own.

Just a few examples:

Compared to the above photo, there should be no texture there at all:

The five I’m doing are in various stages of completion, working from photos, but all quite the same, and yet vastly different than that drawing.

A close look at this corner shows how the actual pattern differs from the drawing.

I’d be the last one to recommend using someone’s model as a reference, but these are the result of poring over scores of photos.
I’d also allow that possibly, they did these early Bradleys in blocks, much like F-16’s, and varied the texture slightly every time. But I doubt that. There’s just too much uniformity in what I’m seeing, and all of these Bradleys came from different units at different times.

I guess since I’ve shown some old Bradleys I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the interior arrangement is off somewhat:

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