Leaving Enamels Behind

Hey Carlos, found a place in Ontario that stocks Humbrol. Haven’t used this brand since I was a kid.

I’ve ordered 4 tins, keen to see how it goes on and finishes!

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Hello Staff, got a request in from the States, just waiting on shipping costs.

I’ve got 4 ways to go with this now. Thanks to all !

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They would be toxic if deliberately huffed, used in a non ventilated area, or taken internally. As long as you wear gloves and spray outdoors the operator should be fine. And wear a respirator if spraying indoors into a spray booth setup.

What I meant by, bouquet of ambiance, was during cure time it is smelly.


Robin, life is fatal! Nobody here gets out alive…


ain’t that the truth …
There is some doubt about one guy but the vast majority have all croaked

I have to ask, which hobby shop in Ontario?


You are refering to Elvis, yes?

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The guy I was thinking about got himself crucified by the Romans and it wasn’t Brian

Sooooo, Waa-oger, then?

First time I saw Life of Brian, I thought it was rubish - guess I wasn’t in the mood. The second time I saw it, I just about pissed myself laughing. It’s now my favorite M P film. That said, John Cleese’s French knight (Holy Grail) is cinematic gold.

I was able to read your pre-edited post before you post edited it. I’m going to have to read that book (series). Thanks for the tip.

Keeping on topic… I always had a love / hate relationship with enamels, but was a big fan of Humbrol paints - just never liked their pots.

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Yeah, I misunderstood your question :grin:

Needs to be read in the order they were published since they sometimes reference something that has happened in a previous book. Characters get introduced and you get to know them and when they appear in a later book you have their background.
A lter book takes something for granted and the out-of-sequence reader is left in the dark.
The first two books can be passed over and read later since they are not as tightly knit into the others but read them in sequence if you can.

Some puns almost need to be read aloud. I missed one where the joke was on the words lyre and liar. I realised something was going on so I had to back up and read it again.

They are full of slightly satirical twisted mirror images of our world, taking things to literal extremes. The world is a flat disk resting on the backs of four huge elephants who stand on the back of an enormous turtle. An astronomer culture on the very edge are trying to find out if the turtle is male or female, could be important if “their” turtle would try to mate (which discworld would get scraped off??). There used to be five elephants but one lost his footing and crashed into the topside of the Discworld. Occasionally the elephants have to move theuir legs to allow the sun or moon to fly by.
Terry has set up a set of very strange conditions and then take them to their “logical” extremes. If voodoo dolls work …wouldn’t the reverse work as well? Set fire to the voodoo doll by thrusting your own arm into some flames? Trolls are silicon based (and we are carbon based), they eat rocks so they need really hard teeth, like diamonds … Dwarves work with mining, trolls are walking deposits of valuable minerals and diamonds. They have been at war for ages, if You were a troll and woke up from getting a dwarf pick-ax poked inte your ear you would be angry too.
Dwarves are dangerous fighters, they may be short but they will chop their enemies off at the ankles and bring tall warriors down to their height.
They are among the best books I have ever read.


Actually there are two, and those that doubt the One are already dead.

Cajun :crocodile:


Hi Evan, it was Sunward Hobbies.

Sorry guys, this looks like it should be on the “What the postman brought” thread, but it shows off how tiny the Humbrol enamel pots are.

Haven’t checked the size yet, but they appeasr half the size of Tamiya bottles.

Humbrol tins are 14 ml
Tamiya have two sizes 10 ml and 23 ml.

The glass and the big cap adds a lot of “wasted” volume.
You can get a lot more actual paint into a given size box/drawer with Humbrol than with Tamiya.

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I primary use the Khaki Rust-Olem I think it matches a little closer.

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Gino mentioned the Rustoleum paint upthread. I nearly ordered one but had visions of paint going alles uber die platz, but then I use Tamiya rattle cans for matt coat so maybe with a little finesse…………