Leaving Enamels Behind

With MM being bought and closed down, I have to find an alternative to the wonderful MM Sand enamel I’ve been using.

Can anyone suggest a Tamiya acrylic (or blend) that best matches MM Sand? I’m working on US vehicles from the ODS era.


I haven’t found any Tamiya color or mix that works. I have gone to spray paint for overall modern CARC Sand/Tan. Rust-oleum Satin Ivory Silk works well and looks great once weathered. It can be decanted for use in an airbrush or brush touchups as well.

This is what I have used for a while on vehicles like my recently completed M6A2 Linebacker.


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This one right?

Nope, standard Rust-oleum, nothing special. Looks like the same color in a different can/label though.

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IMHO; Tamiya rattle-can Light Sand is about as close as you’ll get, but it’s not a dead-ringer.



Thanks Gino, ordered two from Amazon.

Are you talking sand FS 33531 or sand FS 30277?

Anyways, here is a chart of FS colors, and how to mix them with Tamiya paints. Its not all encompassing, but its a great start.

Tamiya FS Colors Mix Chart

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Hey Carlos, thanks for that Bud. I’m talking 33531 but I dont see it on the attachment. Amazingly, I found one last bottle of the MM sand this morning and I’ve ordered 2 cans of that paint Gino is using.

I’d still like to see the Tamiya recipe for FS33531 though.

Cheers man

This one comes from the Armorama archives. Tamiya XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan, with Tamiya XF-2, Flat White, in a 1:1 ratio. Try that.


Hah! He beat me to it… that’s what I get for modeling today at my workbench :wink:

Anyways, here is more of that post from the archive

*Really old thread here about CARC tan/sand for US vehicles. While I’ve written that I’ve never been a fan of the Model Master paints (Enamel or Acrylic), I’ve been using the Testors Model Master Sand, FS 33531 in Acrylic (4720) for all of my M1A1 tanks. I had several jars of this paint, and I found, today, that they have all, save one, gone bad. Very distressing. *

However, it gave me the opportunity to do something I wanted to try some time now. And that is, to mix Tamiya XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan, with Tamiya XF-2, Flat White, in a 1:1 ratio. I am thrilled and flabbergasted to find that this mix creates a color absolutely identical to the Testors Model Master Sand, FS 33531 color. Absolutely identical!! So…no more Model Master for me, Tamiya all the way!


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Any opinions on accuracy of the Krylon and Rust-Oleum enamel aerosols?

@ KSO. Not those particular colors, but I’ve used these two aerosols:
• Rust-Oleum (7798830) Semi Gloss Black
• Ace Hardware (17003) Flat Black

Both Resulted in really good finishes. However, the lingering fumes tend to be a problem for me, even though I sprayed them outside. HTH.


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Enamels do have a longer cure time with a bouquet of ambiance


May I suggest making a couple of MM Sand color chips? They can be handy reference to match against with other paints and other paint recipes to make sure they are in the ball park of what you like for Sand.

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Fine idea! I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it in the corner, so yes - will do.

On the chance that you want to stick with enamels, and have access to Humbrol paints, Humbrol 121 is Pale Stone/Sand FS 33531

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Also be sure to check out AK Real Colors RC079 CARC Tan. The paint is spectacular in performance and the color is dead on.

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You mean they’re toxic, right?

Salt water can kill.
Salt free water can also kill.
There is too little knowledge about the long term effects of acrylics, being water soluble or water based doesn’t say anything about toxicity.
Fumes from large amounts of enamels can be dangerous to men, women seem to handle it better since they can paint their fingernails with lacquers (a.k.a. nail polish) without batting an eyelid.
Filling a car with petrol can be harm you, petrol fumes aren’t exactly healthy …
Living in a crowded city can harm you.
Being afraid is harmful.
Too much alcohol is definitely harmful.