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Now available from Legends & Lore Resin Figures LL-173 Reflections, 3D printed 54mm resin vignette.

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Awesome, and how considerate of L&L to think of this tribute…would be great to have a decal with the image for the wall as I don’t think my artistry skills are that good to paint this one!

Very interesting piece. I recall the first time going to the wall and getting a rubbing for my mom of one of her classmates some 30 yrs ago.

Brings back memories of my trip maybe 15 years ago, looking up a relative. It was a very sombre and moving experience, with an unnatural silence despite the number of others there at the time. I’d be tempted, but I know my figure-painting skills couldn’t do it justice.

Those are the words I could not find. I would agree on a normal Tuesday or the week of Veterans Day. I would assume Memorial Weekend would be the same but never been during that time.

Thank you for the compliments. We tried to find a producer who would do a decal but either they could not recreate the photo due to low contrast, or the cost was extremely high and would have put this piece out of the reach of many modelers. As a modeler first, I would not have paid $60-$75.00 for the kit to justify the cost to get a decal produced. Remember, a modeler does not have to paint the “reflection” on the wall, the wall is shinny black.

Thanks for the kind words.

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How would you recommend painting the names?

A pin wash of off white or light tan.
Hope this helped answer your question.

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