Legends Merkava Turret

I am thinking about purchasing Legends 1/35th Merkava Mk. IllC Turret (LF1086) and I was wondering if anyone has purchased one of these and how good it is? Is it worth the money? I have Mengs Merkava Mk 3 and I was going to use the lower and upper hull from the kit and then use this Turret. Certainly any recommendations whether good or bad are greatly appreciated.

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If you want to build a Baz then why don’t you get the Meng kit?

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I would build the Baz, minus the Nochri-Dalet Mine Roller.


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It will be probably too small, as the old Legend kits are close to 1/34 scale. This is the comparision between turrets from Meng 3D and Legend 3D full resin kit.

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Certainly comparing them side by side clearly shows the difference in scale. I didn’t know that the older legends kits were more 1/34th scale than 1/35th. Thank you for sharing this with me.

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Is it me, or is 1/34 scale larger than 1/35?


A tad bit larger. Although, honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. I remember years ago that 1/32th and 1/35th scale were being used together because of the closeness. Again, I don’t think that 1/34 vs. 1/35th scale is that big of a difference.

Because I have a pirateative Meng kit that doesn’t have the turret. Therefore, I was thinking about getting just a turret and because I have the rest of the kit.

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You will have issues with the fit of the turret on the hull ring and it’s height.

You will need to widen the hull ring for the turret to sit properly

I would try getting the Meng turret sprues, try contacting them directly from their website. It might prove cheaper too.


The turret you want is the one I offered you, not the one in your photo. Mine has the roof armor, as in the Meng kit. Legend did have a problem with shrinkage over ten years ago, but that problem has long since been remedied.

The turret from my LF 1086 matches up very well against the Meng turret. Yes, I have the above pictured kit. They must have upgraded it at some point because ours have several noticeable differences.

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Indeed, my fault :slight_smile:

I may be interested in purchasing the Legends Turret from you. If it is indeed the quote unquote newer one than ten years ago. You stated earlier that you have one still in the box. How much are you asking for and where are you located? I live in South Carolina.

PM sent.