Leichte Feldhaubitze 18/40 limber

I have a set of master patterns for the last style limber for the 105mm howitzer. It can be made into the horse drawn or vehicle drawn versions.
I was wondering if anyone knew a resin caster that would be interested in this?
All I want for payment is 2 complete examples when the casting begins. And hopefully that will not take years to get going.
I include a pic of an earlier attempt I did at making this limber. Obviously the horse drawn version.


Interesting-didn’t know there was a limber for this gun.

Essential for the horse drawn version. Not always used for the vehicle drawn version but sometimes was.
Given that the vast majority of German WWII field pieces were pulled by horse power this 105mm limber was used a lot.

I hope that you can find someone to make this up for you.

Me too. After my over 10 years casting resin airplane stuff I cannot bring myself to sniff that stuff one more second. I think this will sell fairly well. I have seen a number of guys try to use the field kitchen limber as a substitute. But of course it is not even close.

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