Lend Lease MK III Churchill . Complete

Well the journey has finally come to an end . This has been a super fun build and I highly recommend a Churchill for anybody wanting something a little different.



Very nice!

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Looks great Chris. :+1:

à bit of smoke on exàust

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Nicely done !!

a very interesting idea and something you don’t see every day. since the vehicle is fighting in a built up area, you might want to add some building debris or rubble on the tank.


@Tank_1812 @Cheyenne @smolensk @taylorrl .thank guys it was so much fun.
@Klaus-Adler i considered that and decided to keep it a little less cluttered .
Yes i need to add exhaust soot. I overlooked that part.

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Very nice, it is easy to forget the support the SU got from their western allies, hardly ever seen a Churchill in SU service.
Love the rusty exhaust, even without the soot!

@bwilt . Thank you. Yes i agree it is easy to forget. The amazing part is it was still called lend lease with them when they actually paid gold for everything .

Outstanding model Chris! Very nice build and well presented.

@SSGToms . Thank you my friend . Its part of my Churchill obsession .

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